Welcome to Syberiz

Accurate, Simple, Powerful...

At Syberiz, we transform uncluttered data into information, insight and knowledge.

Why Syberiz?

automation by default

Eliminating human errors by minimizing human action in trivial processes from data collection, processing and reporting.

Light and Fast

Lightweight is a key of accurate performance measurement. Our real-time probe is extremely low overhead

Massive data handled

With our real-time data storage, handling incoming data from probe swarm at once is an easy task

Solid foundation

From test and measurement to performance evaluation, our methodologies are based on international standards specifications

Super Flexible

All of our product is customer specific customization

Awesome ecosystems

Our products ranging from field data collection probe, processing, analytics and visualization. Limitless extensibility

Autonomous by default

All products are built to be Automation and Autonomous ready at their cores.

Location awareness

If the data contains geolocation information, it can be analyzed in location awareness context, e.g. buildings, zones, cities, counties, etc.



  • Large scale data acquisition on mobile device system
  • Network performance analytics system
  • Automatic network measurement system
  • Real-time large scale data post-processing
  • Mobile QOS and QOE analytics platform
  • Signaling message inspection for GSM, UMTS/WCDMA, 4G LTE and 5G NR
  • Automated software testing system
  • GIS data post processing system
  • Hybrid real-time DBMS with SQL query support
  • Horizontal scalable DBMS optimized for large-scale monitoring
  • Automated Deep Packet Inspection framework
  • Automatic report generating system


  • System automation agent implementation
  • Automatic Off-line data post processing implementation
  • Automatic Real-time data post processing implementation
  • Software customization and integration
  • Custom data analytics software development
  • GIS software integration
  • Custom signaling message analysis software development for 4G LTE and 5G NR